Conductive Education

Conductive Education (CE)

Conductive Education
Conductive Education

CE is a form of specialised neuro-rehabilitation; it is a specialised educational system.

CE is not an exercise – It teaches strategies and techniques through task series to be able to perform skills. These skills need to be used in all situations throughout the day and need to be built into everyday life

A neurological disorder affects automatic and voluntary movements. People who have a condition find it difficult to carry on the life they lived before

People can learn new skills, new habits, which can help them to overcome the challenges they face and this will enable them to live as safe as possible. The aim is to help the person to remain as active dependent as they can.

Each session provides opportunities  for our participants to learn how to perform movements in the most appropriate way and to learn the elements of the skills needed for their daily activities.

Adult Sessions  are usually run in groups of people with the same condition.  Each session is up to 2 hours  (1.5 hour session  +  30 minutes social time) .  They are run on a regular basis – weekly/fortnightly and each session is led by professionals

How can you take part in CE?  Visit/observe or take part in a free session. Taster session and  Initial Consultation  are free of charge. Group sessions cost £29.50.  Sessions are held at the  Rainbow Centre The Bradbury Building Palmerston Drive Fareham PO14 1BJ


“I feel sure Conductive Education has at least slowed the acceleration of my symptoms. In some cases improving things.”

 – Pam – Parkinson’s Group

You don’t have to be a member of Parkinson’s UK to go to Conductive Education  sessions– anyone in our area affected by Parkinson’s (including partners and carers) is welcome.  

For more details please use the form on the contact us page.

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