Parkinsons UK AGM

An invitation from Mark Goodridge and Mary Whyham, Chair and Vice-Chair of
Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK – 2017 Annual Members’ Meeting
We are writing to give you notice, as a member of Parkinson’s UK, of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2017. The formal AGM takes place as part of a broader meeting for members where we will be talking about our activities, our ambitious plans and the part you play. It has been another very eventful year for the charity and we have lots of achievements to share with you. There will also be a “members’ marketplace”, where staff and volunteers will be available to provide information, answer questions and get your feedback on our work.

The meeting takes place at 11.00am on Saturday 14 October 2017 at Etc Venues, One Drummond Gate, Pimlico, London SW1V 2QQ, the formal AGM starting at 2pm. Some of you may remember this venue from previous AGMs. Please do join us if you can.

Members in England, Scotland and Wales are also encouraged to vote in the Trustee elections. Even if you are unable to join us, please use your vote, you can vote by proxy.

The Annual General Meeting
The formal notice detailing the business to be discussed can be accessed using this link.
You will see that this includes the standard items relating to the annual accounts and appointment of auditors and that we are also proposing to change our articles of association. The results of the trustee elections will also be announced at the AGM.

About the Trustee elections
This year there were five Trustee vacancies: one in each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and two in England. Members were invited to stand in the Spring issue of The Parkinson. There are candidates standing in all nations except Northern Ireland.  

Trustees have significant and wide-ranging responsibilities. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Parkinson’s UK and is ultimately accountable for everything the charity does and how it does it. The Board consists of Trustees who are elected by the membership as well as Trustees who are appointed following a recommendation from the Nominations and Remuneration Committee. Standing as and voting for elected Trustees is only open to charity members, so please do use your vote.

  In the meantime, we’ll be saying goodbye to Dr Hilary Ackland and Dr Doug MacMahon. Both will be standing down at the AGM. Many of you will know Doug and his tireless work in connecting the charity to clinical networks. Hilary has also played a significant role, most recently with our staff, leading research into Trustee recruitment. Our thanks go to both for their work with and on behalf of people with Parkinson’s. Further details about all our Trustees can be found at:

Articles of Association
The Board recommends that we make changes to our articles of association and that we do this by adopting a new version. The decision to propose these changes results from the need to address issues that have arisen in the context of Trustee elections and terms of office, and the desire of the Board to increase the membership of the charity. We are taking the opportunity at the same time to update or clarify other provisions.

The principal changes and the reasons for them are described in the Schedule attached to the notice of meeting.

A personal note from Mary Whyham, Vice-Chair of Parkinson’s UK
I was elected as a Trustee in September 2015 and became Vice-Chair in December 2015. I am also the Chair of Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre branch. My husband has had Parkinson’s for 17 years.

You will see that one of the proposed changes is to enable the Trustees to extend the term of a trustee, subject always to a maximum of ten years. If the revised articles of association are adopted, the Trustees propose to exercise this power to enable Mark Goodridge, our current Chair, to serve as such for two more years. He has been Chair of Parkinson’s UK since December 2015, but under our current articles would cease to be a Trustee at the end of this year’s AGM. It is the unanimous view of all the other Trustees that it is in the best interests of the charity for Mark to continue as Chair for a further two years, providing strong leadership for the Board and continuity and stability at an important time. This proposed extension will still mean that Mark will not exceed the maximum of ten years on the Board. I ask you all to support the changes to the articles which will enable us to do this.

Circulation of AGM papers
Members can also access the AGM papers online at Here you can see and download the draft minutes of the 2016 AGM, the Trustees’ report and financial statements for 2016 and the Nominations and Remuneration committee report. The resolution to change our articles, and the explanation and draft articles are also available here. The papers are available from today right up to the date of the AGM. 

If you would prefer to receive printed copies, we will arrange for these to be sent to you free of charge. Just call 0845 121 2354, email or write to Parkinson’s UK, PO Box 485, Grays, Essex RM17 9HY and quote the relevant reference codes:

PKMINS16   Draft minutes of the 2016 AGM
PKAR16 Trustees’ report and financial statements 2016
PKNOMS1 Nominations and Remuneration Committee report 2016
PKART17  Draft revised articles of association
PKARTCOMP17 Comparison of current articles and proposed revisions
PKAGM17  Complete pack (of all documents)

Please note that printed copies will only be sent if you ask for them as this does mean considerable savings for the charity.

We look forward to seeing you…
If you would like to attend the AGM you can reserve your place through our website at or by calling Tyler Events on 01509 631 530 by Friday 6 October 2017. You’ll be asked for your charity membership number as part of the booking process so please have this to hand.  Please note that we can’t cover travel costs for attendance at the AGM.
Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

If you’re unable to attend…
We’d still very much like you to be part of our AGM. You can submit your questions and comments for the AGM via our website at or to me at Alternatively, you can write to Mark Goodridge, c/o Roma Grant, Company Secretary, 215 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1EJ and we will reply as soon as possible.

Parkinson’s 2017 – Your life, your services survey
In 2016 we asked you to complete the Your life, your services survey to help us build a picture of the state of Parkinson’s health and social care services and to better understand your individual needs.

We’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete this year’s survey. This will allow us to compare results and target areas where we know improvements are needed. Your answers really will make all the difference.To complete the survey, please visit .

The Trustees always look forward to this opportunity to share with members the work we are doing with you and with people with Parkinson’s. We do hope you can attend.

Best wishes,

Mark Goodridge                           Mary Whyham
Chair of the Board of Trustees   Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees




PDSAFE Trial Dissemination Event

You are invited to attend the PDSAFE Trial Dissemination Event

St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton
Thursday 12 October 2017 
09:45 – 16:00 

PDSAFE is a physiotherapist delivered, individually tailored and progressive, home-based programme. It focuses on task orientated movement strategy training, functional lower limb strengthening and balance training over six months. Participants undertake daily, unsupervised home exercises and strategies training supported by technology.

The intervention has been tested in a large multi-centre randomised controlled trial, funded by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment (NIHR HTA). The PDSAFE trial is the largest rehabilitation trial looking at reducing falls for people with Parkinson’s; it will yield important knowledge and which will contribute to the production of guidelines for fall management.

The day will examine what the team done, what they found, what the intervention looks like and what the participants thought. 

You can book your place at the dissemination event on Eventbrite

09:45 – 10:15 – Registration 
10:15 – 10:30 – Welcome and introduction 
10:30 – 11:00 – Setting the scene 
11:00 – 11:30 – The PSSAFE Trial, what did we do? 
11:30 – 11:45 – Break 
11:45 – 12:45 – What did we find? 
12:45 – 13:30 – Lunch 
13:30 – 14:00 – The PDSAFE Intervention, what does it look like?
14:00 – 14:30 – What does it cost?
14:30 – 15:00 – What did the participants think?
15:00 – 15:15 – Break
15:15 – 16:00 – Reflections and discussions, what does the future look like? 
16:00 – Close 

Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. 

For information on the trial, please contact Dr. Kim Seymour on 023 8120 4943.


Parkinsons 200 Plus Conference

The background

Two hundred years on from the publication of James Parkinson’s Essay on the Shaking Palsy, Parkinson’s UK Oxford Branch invites you to a half-day conference for People with Parkinson’s (PwP), their families, friends and specialist healthcare professionals. PwP have set the conference agenda. We will hear from, and question, clinical specialists and research scientists about current treatments and new advances in care.
 Join us!

  • When: Monday 18 September, 12:30 to 18:00
  • Where: Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford OX1 2DH

Registration:  There is a delegate fee to cover event costs. For registration details, see our website.

Entry is by advance registration only

The registration fee is  £25  per person.

The price includes

  • Access to all sessions
  • Conference materials
  • Light refreshments on arrival and during the break
  • Networking reception with soft drinks at the end of the event

If you are unable to use a registration you have bought, we may be able to refund all or part of the price. Full details of our refunds policy can be found on the registration pages


Research Champion

I think that most of you are familiar with the social and information aspects of Parkinson’s UK central office. One further aspect that Parkinson’s UK wants to improve is participation in the research side.

To this end, they are setting up “Research Champions” in branches to raise the awareness of all the activities related to research that Parkinson’s UK supports, and I have volunteered to be the Research Champion for our Fareham branch.

Participating in research is not just taking part in clinical trials, which is of course important, but the activities include reviewing documents from central office or proposals for projects which central office might fund, or participating in the numerous questionnaires which researchers run in order to confirm they are researching in a productive area.

Parkinson’s UK run a “Research Support Network”  to disseminate  information and requests for help from the research community  (including government funded research councils, universities and NHS bodies). If you sign up for the Research Support Network, you will receive emails about research activities, including a monthly Research Round-up.  If you are not on email, I can supply paper copies of newsletters etc.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about these activities, please get in touch with me, either face-to-face at a branch meeting or via email or telephone.

My details are:-   Email                                                                              Tel:         01489 574960

John Lillywhit


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